We’re launching November 25th!

With Christmas season just upon us, we’re excited to be launching The Display Rack on Monday, November 25th. Check us out then at thedisplayrack.com

The Display Rack is a shopper’s companion website for finding products in a hurry at the best price at nearby stores. It’s ideal for shoppers who don’t have time to do the legwork to shop around, or wait for the two or three days it takes for shipments to arrive from online shopping sites.

We’re launching in Buffalo / Niagara Falls, NY to help all the local citizens and the wave of Canadian cross border shoppers for Black Friday. We will be following up with New York City in the coming weeks.

It’s an exciting time for shopping, which makes it an exciting time for us. We aim to make shopping at stores a frustration free experience, and Monday just can’t come soon enough!

For all Canadian cross border shoppers, we did some research on what to expect. You might enjoy the information below.

Black Friday Canada shoppers


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